Hi everyone! I’ll see if I can squeeze in some new gifsets somewhere next week! This weekend I’ll be away on holiday so that’s not going to work.

So yeah I’m just letting my followers know what’s going on and I hope you’ll still love me afterwards! x :) 

Nine random and funny Phoebe Halliwell quotes.

Nine random and funny Prue Halliwell quotes.

Nine random and funny Piper Halliwell quotes.

I’m sorry for not posting the last week. I have been busy.
But I promise you, new gifs will be up soon! :)

Thanks for still following me guys and girls. I really appreciate it! <3 

ur-smile-fades-in-the-summer-de asked: I've been looking at your posts today and i really love that you make them yourself :) i am also a huge charmed fan and post a lot about the show and its actors!

Aww thank you so much! :3 
That’s really cool! Once a Charmed fan, always a Charmed fan haha. :]